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Hello, I’m Chris,

an Amsterdam based food & beverage photographer.


Ever since I got my education at St. Joost Acadamy, I aimed to be the best I could be in advertising photography.


But after a few years I developed an increasingly love for a specific area of photography. Food photography and food. My passion for good food and great food photography turned out to be really a perfect match.


From that moment on I wanted to become a ‘Chef’ in food photography. It took me quite some years of dedication to get better and better. And it paid off. I‘m pleased so much national and international clients and Art Directors chose to work successfully with me since then.


So now I would love to work with even more Art Directors and clients who share the same level of dedication and quality standards.

For I strongly believe we eat with our eyes.


I’d love to have a chat and find out where we match,


Chris Hutter


"Chris is mostly known for his studio qualities but I had the honor to do a couple of international foreign landscape shoots with him. With outstanding results. He is a very diciplined and highly professional photographer and a pleasure to work with. Thanks Chris!" Guus Wensveen, photo-producer at Photographic Production Services 

"Chris is the best photographer I've ever worked with in the field of food or stills photography and everything in between. Hire Chris and you'll get the very best photography and a great person to work with. Bound to be a relationship for many years." Eric Elferink, art-director



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Korte Prinsengracht 16E, Amsterdam, 1013GS The Netherlands