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Welcome to Chris Hutter Still-Life Photography section. After establishing himself as a prominent table-top and advertising photographer in The Netherlands, Chris has redirected his focus towards the creation of fine art still-life photography. His work is characterised by an intimate atmosphere, captivating compositions, and masterful use of refined lighting techniques.


Within Chris' lens, the "nature morte" subjects transcend their perceived stillness, embodying a spirit and narrative. Plants, vegetables, aquatic life, and artifacts come alive, whispering their stories through his images. Chris refers to these compositions as "Poems Without Words," for he believes that words often fall short in capturing the essence within his photographs.

Discover Chris' collection of fine art still-life photography, encompassing around 40 captivating images. In his work the boundaries between classical art, technical expertise, and commercial aesthetics become blurred. Chris navigates these realms, creating a harmonious fusion that resonates with viewers.


For inquiries, collaborations, or to ask questions about Chris's captivating body of work, please don't hesitate to reach out


Stillevenfotografie en fine-art prints

Chris Hutter fine-art fotoprints kunnen besteld worden in verschillende formaten, met of zonder lijst, op fine-art papier, gemaakt door een van de meest vooraanstaande bedrijven in Nederland, Wilcovak. Neem gerust contact op met Chris om mogelijkheden te bespreken.


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